GreenStalk Life Overview

GreenStalk Life, Inc. (“GSTK”) is an essential mix hemp and health based company based in Los Angeles, California that is focused on making strategic acquisitions within the supply chain and retail distribution channels of disruptive CBD, Hemp, and innovative health related products.  GreenStalk sells its own CBD, Hemp, and health products and is also creating new and different strategies to better help all CBD and Hemp companies to reach their customers in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Key Stats







FLOAT-20 Million




Why Buy? Why Invest? - Market Driven

Economic Growth

Economic growth of hemp products is in its infancy.

Surge of Supply

A surge of hemp cultivation is making feedstocks readily available and driving down prices.


Product Innovation

Product innovation in the industry is rapidly introducing new opportunities.

Low Competition

Low competition as a first mover into market segments previously unimpacted.

Develop Prototypes & Identify White Label Products

  • Secure relationships to white label series of products under GreenStalk brand.
  • Create and market innovative products that combine distinctive features to differentiate from competition.
  • Secure sources to directly manufacture products to increase margins.

e-commerce Platform

Supply Chain & Distribution

  • Once the platform is established, invite all hemp and CBD (no THC) products to post on the platform for free to build up traffic and quality of selection for customers
  • Focus internally developed or white label products prominently on site to drive sales
  • Establish online marketing strategy, boosting SEO, online listings, social media accounts and begin online paid marketing driving traffic back to site.

Create Social Media Driven Sales & Stockholder Support

  • Establish partnerships with media channels such as social media influencers, tv show ideas, etc.
  • Use various expos and events to promote the GreenStalk brand using participating social media celebrities.
  • Engage and utilize various social media stars to promote GreenStalk using media outlets such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • The initiative will create a built in shareholder base for the GreenStalk public company as these celebrities have massive followings that could potentially buy GreenStalk stock to support their favorite social media stars.
  • This social media strategy is unprecedented on the public markets and will be key to creating support both for the products and the stock.

Acquisition of Brands and Companies

Corporate Strategy

  • GreenStalk Life Inc.’s strategy is to capitalize on the growing CBD, Hemp, and Health related markets using a combination of selling high quality CBD and Hemp products, using innovative strategies to assist the business to customer dynamic, and using social media, social media personalities, and television to expand the company brand.
  • GreenStalk Life will go public on the OTC market using either a reverse merger into an existing shell or IPO design. Funding will be available using investment banking, private investors, and crowd-funding.